Horizontal Cable Management Systems

  • Horizontal Cable Management Systems
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Horizontal Cable Management Systems
Disorganized cables can cost you time and money. The best way to avoid downtime and unforeseen costs is to keep cables organized from the start. Cable organizers are an essential tool that helps keep cables in data centers, telecommunication racks and wiring closets neat, organized and easily accessible.

Horizontal cable management systems are essential for creating custom cable routing solutions. IBOCO offers both horizontal and vertical cable organizers and other items necessary for effective cable routing.

Advantages of Wire Management Systems

Minimize downtime:

When cables are not organized properly, a technician can spend hours tracing wires when something goes wrong. You cannot afford to stay offline while a technician unravels a tangled nest of cables. Arrange your cables neatly, and they’ll be easy to identify and access should something go wrong – and they’ll be fixed in far less time.

Scale up as you grow:

Often, cabling is a mess because of new data ports and lines that were added on after the initial set up. Cable organizers make it very easy to scale up as you grow, so you can add new ports and cables without creating problems you’ll just have to address somewhere down the road.

Save space:

Space is usually one of the most expensive parts of doing business; that’s why telecommunication racks, wiring closets and data centers shouldn’t take up too much of it. Horizontal cable organizers make it possible to route cables without creating a large footprint.

Snap-off fingers:

One of the best features of our horizontal cable organizers includes the fact that the fingers snap off easily and cleanly, without the use of a tool. Snap-off fingers leave a clean break, with no burrs or jagged edges that could potentially damage wires. 


  • Duct cover snaps on easily and mounts flush
  • Single and double-sided panels available in 1U and 2U configuration.
  • Standard 19" rack mounting. Includes four 10/32 screws, and four 12-24 screws.  All are 5/8" long.
  • Wire Duct is made up of UL compliant PVC material.  UL94 inflammability rating of V-0 and UL recognized continuous-use temperatures to 50°C (122°F).
  • Route all types of wire media including: fiber optics, patch cable, coaxial and security cables.  Pass through hole feature allows cables to route from front to rear of panel reducing wire lengths and labor costs.
  • Route cables either on the front or back of the racks for patch and station cables.

Buy Horizontal Cable Management Solutions

The best time to purchase and install cable management solutions is now. Don’t wait until you have a tangled mess of cables to sort through. Buy horizontal cable organizers online or call (732) 417-0066. 
A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group