DINCLIC Mounting Clips

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Discover IBOCO DINCLIC Mounting Clips. With its help, one can snap onto all the mounting rails (except IBOCO OMEGA 2F) those small switching devises, which are not made for mounting on DIN Rails.

For mounting on G1 and G1f, please use Dinclic DM4

Use Dinclic FM4 or FM5 for mounting on OMEGA 3, OMEGA 3A, OMEGA 3F, OMEGA 3AF, OMEGA 3B and OMEGA 3FD. 

IBOCO DINCLIC Mounting Clips are made of zinc plated steel.

For IBOCO DINCLIC FM4 and DM4 use 4mm screws.
As for IBOCO DINCLIC FM5 use 5mm screws. US 10-32 screws can also be used. 

IBOCO Dinclic mounting clips come in completion of IBOCO full line of din metal mounting rail. They provide a great, time-saving solution for your din metal rail applications.

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A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group