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Discover IBOCO’s all Cable Ties Installation Tools ITT-1 and ITT-2A.  These lightweight and cost effective tools are designed to save time and money during cable tie installation.  Known for its ability to enable quick tension of cable ties, and its ability to cut off excess scrap, this installation tool is ideal for avoiding sharp protrusions that may cause snags, cuts, abrasions to cables, hoses or the user.

IBOCO ITT-1 is the basic, cost effective installation tool model, while ITT-2A produces automatic consistent tension from tie to tie that will make your work even quicker.

ITT-1 is made of plastic and ITT-2A is made of metal. Both products are RoHS compliant.


ITT-2A makes automatic and consistent cut off excess strap.
ITT-1 makes cut off excess strap through manual twist.

Together with IBOCO cable ties and accessories, IBOCO cable ties installation tools provide a comprehensive solution for Cable Ties management. While reducing labor, this product will save you time and money.

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