Dinosaur Flexible Duct

  • Dinosaur Flexible Duct
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IBOCO Dinosaur Duct is a unique product offering, that is a flexible, resilient and efficient harnessing solution to your wiring needs. Dinosaur Duct is ideal for wiring to cabinet doors, control panels and for electronic equipment.

This product is manufactured with non-toxic self-extinguishing Polypropylene.  
It comes in Grey RAL 7030 or White.
IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Ducts has Self-Adhesive.The Standard Length of this product is 19.7 inches (500 mm).
This product is RoHS compliant.  

IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Duct main features include the following:

  • Plus Flexibility-
    • IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Duct curves around corners and twists into tight spaces.
    • It can be cut easily with scissors or knife.
    • It has no cover, so it accommodates cables in restricted space applications (ie, inside the panel door for push-button wiring). 
  • Plus Efficiency-
    • IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Duct can cut labor by up to 75%
    • It puts an end to cable ties and spiral wrap
    • Individual wires can be added or removed from a group as often as necessary- effortlessly.
  • Plus Dependability-
    • IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Duct has a strong epoxy adhesive backing that assures easy, secure mounting.
    • It is impervious to the elements and can be used in extreme operating conditions, including a maximum temperature of 176°F; excellent tolerance to mechanical stress; in the event of fire, does not emit corrosive or toxic gasses and as minimal moke development.
  • Plus Versatility-
    • IBOCO Dinosaur Flexible Duct is used in a wide variety of industries: Food processing, Waste water treatment, Boat building, Pulp & paper, Oil, Computers, Office construction, Machine tooling, The military and many more.

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A brand of Hager Group