Reusable Universal Spiral Wraps

  • Universal Spiral Wraps
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Discover IBOCO Universal Spiral Wraps.

IBOCO Universal Spiral Wrap is robust, yet simple to install. It gives mechanical protection to the wire bundle, which remains flexible although rigidly held. Easily removed, it can be re-used in the case of temporary.

IBOCO Universal Spiral Wraps series are manufactured in compliance with high quality standards.
IBOCO Spiral Wrap parts containing the letter P are made of Polyethylene Natural (P).      
While parts that mention the letters PA are made of Polyethylene self-extinguishing (PA).
According to ASTM D 635.

  • Essential for fast and economical grouping of wire bundles
  • Essential for joining groups of wires and/or tubing for fluidic or pneumatic machine control
  • Essential for flexible connections between panel and door

IBOCO Universal Spiral Wraps series are manufactured with high quality materials and are subject to strong quality controls and severe performance tests under extreme operating and duration conditions with a constant control of quality standards.

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A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group