ZP1 & ZP2 Mounting Inserts

  • ZP1 & ZP2 Mounting Inserts
  • ZP2 Application in Blue Wire Duct
  • ZP1 Application in White Wire Duct
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Discover IBOCO's full line of Mounting Inserts.

With a simple quarter turn, ZP1 mounting inserts are used to mount components and SEP-E separators inside your wire duct. ZP1 mounting inserts can also be used to mount smaller sizes of duct inside larger sizes, thus achieving separation of circuits with different voltages and/or functions.
With a simple quarter turn ZP2 can be mounted inside duct. By stacking, mounting levels at different heights are achieved. For tightening a wire bundle inside duct, pass a cable tie through ZP2. 

Material for the Mounting Inserts:
IBOCO's ZP1 and ZP2 Mounting Inserts are manufactured with Polyamide 6. 

IBOCO's mounting inserts come in white.

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IBOCO's full line of mounting inserts will help you assemble your duct in an easy and efficient manner and allow you to save time in your day-to-day work. 
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A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group