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Discover IBOCO full range of Ductfix Rivets.

IBOCO rivets can be installed quick and easy using IBOCO B4, RT4, B6 or RT6 Rivet Tools. Please, look below to check which tool is used for your desired Ductfix rivet.

IBOCO Ductfix Rivets are made of Ploymide 6.

IBOCO Ductfix Rivets come in different colors.

R4 stands for BLUE rivets, R6N stands for NATURAL rivets and R60 stands for ORANGE rivets. 


  • Elastic Vibration - dampening head 
  • Good temperature resistance 
  • Excellent mechanic properties 
  • Extremely short installation time 
  • Insulating - Functional - Easy to Apply

IBOCO Ductfix rivets can be used to install all types of wiring duct with standard mounting holes.
Hole size R4 - 5/32" (4mm) - R6 - 7/32" (5.5 mm)

For R4 BLUE rivets please use B4 RED or RT4 BLUE rivet tool. 
R6N NATURAL rivets please use B6 YELLOW rivet tool. 
R6O ORANGE rivets please use RT6 ORANGE rivet tool

IBOCO Ductfix rivets used together with IBOCO rivet tools (see Rivet Tools section) will save you time when working on specific wiring duct applications.

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If you have questions, please feel free to start chatting with us through our live chat. You can also contact your local representative or the IBOCO sales office for more information on our Ductfix rivets.
A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group