Reusable & Releasable Cable Ties

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Discover IBOCO’s Releasable Cable Ties.  IBOCO offers a large range of cable ties that are specifically designed to temporarily bundle items, allowing wires to be added and removed quickly. Releasable Cable Ties are reusable and retightened. 

Our Releasable Cable Ties are made of 6/6 Nylon. They are RoHS compliant, UL listed and CSA certified.
This product is available in both white and black, with 100 pieces per bag.

Contact IBOCO for Your Cable Tie Needs

IBOCO provides 3 different sizes of releasable cable ties in order to fit your needs. Each of them is available both in Natural and Black.

If need be, feel free to start a new conversation with us through our live chat and get a quick answer from our customer support during opening hours. Moreover you can also contact your representative or the IBOCO sales office in Edison for more info about IBOCO Releasable Cable Ties.

A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group