NAB Wide Finger Duct


IBOCO’s New Hager brand North American base (NAB) standard finger PVC wiring
is 2-meters in length and includes the lid with a protective film that is easily removable after lid installation. The lid is a flush cover that snaps securely over the fingers, ensuring a tight fit with minimal effort.
The individual fingers With 2 predetermined break lines insure a finger breakout on the
upper score line, and easy sidewall removal with hand tool on the lower scoreline.

Features of the Wide Finger Duct:

  • The Hager Brand wire duct reflects the mounting hole configuration of all “North American” branded wire duct. Immediate mounting to your back panel or enclosure specified mounting holes.
  • Hager Brand lids include a protective, removable film, that can be easily removed after installation, eliminating unwanted scratches or smudges. 
  • Flexible, double score-line for fast and easy modification. No cutter for first scoreline. Flush/Burr free break. Second scoreline easily removed with theSX-15 hand duct cutter. 
  • Fingers insure tight cover fit in Vertical positions. 
  • Heavy-duty shipping carton insures “out of box” wire duct, and inclusive cover, insuring complete product integrity, ready to mount. No damages.


Available in 1 Meter Lengths.  Contact sales office.
Each standard length is actually 6' 6 3/4", but is considered 6 ft for packaging and pricing.
ADHESIVE BACKING - Add suffix "A" to catalog number. - Contact sales office for pricing.
ALL Wiring Duct comes complete with covers.  Wiring duct covers can be sold separately.

A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group