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Discover IBOCO’s ICM Cable Mounts also referred to as mounting pads.  This product is used to repair cable ties, and is equipped with a rubber base adhesive which ensures a quick and simple installation.  Cable Mounts are available in both natural and black, and are offered in three different sizes, containing 100 pieces per bag.

This product is manufactured with 6/6 Nylon. It is RoHS compliant, UL listed (UL recognized type 11) and CSA certified. 
Screw size #4 is included with our cable mounts.
Suffix B in part number indicates cable ties are BLACK.
IBOCO ICM Cable Mounts make installation and use of cable ties easier, thus reducing labor and saving you time and money in all of your applications involving cable ties.

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A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group