Wire Duct Series & Accessories

When wiring within an assembly is disorganized, technicians can spend a great deal of their time sorting through tangles. This is wasteful and drives up costs. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this problem. Wire duct and accessories not only keep wires organized, they make it easy for technicians to identify and locate wires when making repairs. At IBOCO, our catalog includes a wide range of wire duct and accessories designed to make wire duct management simple, easy and time-efficient.


Wire Duct Series

Our selection of wire duct includes:
  • Wide finger wire duct
  • Narrow finger wire duct
  • Black wire duct
  • Blue wire duct
  • TS/TSH Solid Wall Wire Duct
  • Wire duct covers
IBOCO offers blue, black and solid wire duct, ensuring that customers in a wide range of industries can find the wire duct they need in our selection.

Blue Wire Duct

To indicate that wiring inside runs to intrinsically safe components in a control panel, use blue wire duct.

Black Wire Duct

Data communication, patch panel, fiber cable and telecommunication industries rely on black wire duct for routing wires.

Solid Wire Duct

For longer wire runs in applications such as packaging and conveying systems, solid duct is the best option. Solid wire duct is available with or without mounting holes.

Wire Duct Accessories Catalog

Our selection of wire duct accessories includes:
  • Wire duct covers
  • SEP-E Separators
  • CL Wire Retainers
  • TR1 & TR1-E Wire Duct Retainers
  • Ductmark ID tags
  • ZP1 & ZP2 Mounting Inserts
  • B4-B6 Rivet Tools
  • RT4-RT6 Rivet Tools
  • SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter and SX-15B Replacement Blade
  • WT2 Duct & Tubing Cutter and WT2B Replacement Blade

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A brand of Hager Group