Cable Management Systems

Providing effective support and "worry-free" organization of cables should be mandatory within data centers and telecommunication racks and closets.
Cable management solutions from IBOCO guarantee effective wire protection and organization, which maintains high levels of efficiency.
The horizontal and vertical cable organizers are easy to install, adaptable to numerous applications, and provide solutions to facilitate cable moves, changes and add-ons.

Advantages of Wire Management Systems

Save space:

You may need more cabling, but that doesn’t mean you have additional space for it. Cable organizers optimize space, allowing you to route cables effectively in the space that you have.

Minimize downtime:

Because cable management solutions help you keep cables neatly arranged, you do not have to spend hours offline while a technician sorts through a jumble of wires. Instead, the technician will be able to quickly locate the cable that needs attention, fix it, and get you back online faster than ever before.


Many data centers and telecommunication racks are in a state of disarray due to retrofits and adding new cables after the initial set up.

Snap-off Fingers:

Our cable organizers feature snap-off fingers, which makes removing fingers for custom wiring configurations simple and easy. Because the snap-off fingers make a clean break, without burrs or jagged edges, there’s no risk of damage to cables.


  • Cables may be routed either on the front or back of the racks for patch and station cables.
  • Duct cover is included, and easily snaps on for flush mount.
  • Standard 19" rack mounting, and includes four 10/32 screws, and four 12-24 screws.  All are 5/8" long.
  • Single and double-sided panels available in 1U and 2U configuration.
  • Product allows for all wire media routing including: fiber optics, patch cable, coaxial and security cables.  Pass through hole feature allows cables to route from front to rear of panel reducing wire lengths and labor costs.
  • Wire Duct is made up of UL compliant PVC material.  UL94 inflammability rating of V-0 and UL recognized continuous-use temperatures to 50°C (122°F).

Buy Cable Management Solutions

When you route your cables, do it right the first time. Use cable organizers from IBOCO to ensure that your data center, telecommunication rack or wire closet is always neat and clean. Order wire management systems online or call (732) 417-0066 for more information.
A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group