Raised Cover, Solid Boxes

  • Raised Cover Solid Box
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Discover IBOCO Raised Cover Solid Boxes ABS Enclosure.  These raised cover solid boxes are ideal for providing additional space in tight areas.  Available in four sizes and can be purchased directly on our website.

IBOCO’s Raised Cover Boxes line is CE certified and IP56 rated.  Guaranteed protection against dust and water projections similar to sea wave splashes. For more specific information about Electrical Boxes ratings in the industry, please go to the ABS Enclosure.

IBOCO Raised Cover Boxes are shipped together with their mounting screws and can be purchased on our website.

 Contact IBOCO for Your Raised Cover Box Needs

If need be, please feel free to start chatting with us through our live chat on this website for additional info on IBOCO Series-SS Screws Raised Cover Boxes ABS Enclosures. We provide quick answers during our office opening hours. Plus, you can always contact your representative or the IBOCO sales office in Edison, for any additional info about IBOCO Raised Cover Boxes you would need.

A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group