SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter and SX-15B Replacement Blade

  • SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter
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Discover our SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter.

This product will offer you an efficient solution to cut wire duct accurately. It is also suitable for cutting various other types of materials such as wire protector, (rubber, urethane, nylon), hose, soft materials, rope, leather, plastic, electric cable (stranded copper cable only), etc.
Our SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter has a cutting capacity of 30x10 mm and comes in red.

IBOCO also provides replacement blades for the SX-15 Hand Duct Cutter. 
Our SX-15 hand duct cutter is a quick, effective tool to cut wiring duct and will save you time in your work.


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A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group