SEP-E Separators

  • SEP-E Separators
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Discover IBOCO's full line of SEP-E Separators. All IBOCO SEP-E separators come in Light Grey RAL 7030.

Material: SEP-E Separators are manufactured with self-extinguishing, rigid PVC plastic.

SEP-E Separators are mainly used to make the physical separation of circuits with different voltages and/or functions.

This accessory is very convenient.  According to our current customers: it’s easy and quick installation combined with its high flexibility and efficiency make the SEP-E Separator an all-around reliable product

Features of the Separators: 
  • Rigid PVC plastic, self-extinguishing
  • STANDARD LENGTH is 6 Feet 6 ¾” Inches
  • IBOCO's wire duct covers lengths are 6' 6 3/4" but are considered 6' for packaging and pricing that means you receive 6 ¾” for FREE!

Each IBOCO SEP-E Separators length is actually 6'6 3/4" but is counted as 6 feet for packaging and pricing. Therefore you receive 6 ¾” of IBOCO SEP-E Separators for FREE!

If you have questions and need answer, please feel free to start chatting with us through our live chat. 

Don’t forget you can always contact your local representative or the IBOCO sales office in Edison, NJ for more information on our SEP-E retainers.
A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group