B4-B6 Rivet Tools

  • B4 Rivet Tool
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Discover IBOCO line of Rivet Tools used to fix IBOCO DUCTFIX Rivets.

IBOCO B4 and B6 Rivet Tools will offer you a quick and convenient way to mount rivets inside your wiring duct.

Use IBOCO B4 RED rivet tool to fix IBOCO R4 BLUE rivets.

As for IBOCO B6 YELLOW rivet tool, it will be used to fix R6N NATURAL rivets.

For other Rivet tools to use as an alternative to fix IBOCO R4 BLUE Rivets or to fix IBOCO R6O ORANGE Rivets, please go to the RT4-RT6 Rivet Tools section.

B4 and B6 rivet tools are made of plastic.

For More Information, Contact IBOCO

IBOCO DUCTFIX Rivets (see DUCTFIX Rivets section) used to fix elements in your trucking thanks to IBOCO rivet tools, will definitely provide you with an efficient time-saving solution when working on specific wiring duct applications.

If you have questions, please feel free to start chatting with us through our live chat. If need be, you can always contact your local representative or the IBOCO sales office for more information on IBOCO B4 and B6 Rivet Tools.

A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group