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IBOCO Wiring products respond to all installation needs, coping with different uses and environment applications. They are manufactured with high quality materials that undergo severe quality controls and performance tests under extreme operating and duration conditions with a constant control of quality standards.

Wiring Ducts T1, T1E, SEP-E and CL are manufactured in rigid Self-Extinguishing PVC.Those components for which high bending resilience is required are in polyamide 6 and polypropylene. Spiralite is manufactured in natural polyethylene and self-extinguishing polyethylene.
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Aluminum Rail Material Information
Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Origin R4 RT6 RT4 R60
Certificate of Origin – Wiring  Duct & Din Rail
Conflict Minerals
Cross Reference - IBOCO-HAGER Wiring Duct
DC 510 Din Rail Cutter
Declaration of Conformity (CE)
Declaration of Conformity RPS-CUR
Din Rail –Cross Reference
Distributor Policy - DP 2022
Enclosures PC Series – Transparent Cover
Enclosures – Circuit Breaker Drawings
Enclosures PC Series – Plain Boxes
Enclosures PC Series – Raised Cover Boxes
Enclosures PC Series – Small Boxes Holes
Enclosures PC Series – Boxes with Holes and Plugs
GSI –RPS –CUR Drawings
Hager Halogen Free Wire Duct
Harmonized Tarriff Code - HTS
IEC-61386 Inset (GSI Products)
IBOCO Date Codes 01-23-14
IBOCO Logo (Vectored)
IBOCO Logo  (.ai)
IBOCO Logo (solid outline)
ISO Certificates - 8.2024
Liquid Tight - YDRQ8.E311916 -Tubing Mechanical Protection Certified for Canada
Liquid Tight - YDRQ2.YDRQ8 -E311916 -Tubing Mechanical Protection
REACH Compliance
ROHS2 Directive 2011/65/EC
ROHS3 Directive 2015/863/EU
Screws for PC Boxes
TSCA Document 9.14.21
UL Document E123572
Wiring Duct – Cross Reference
Wiring Duct Operating Temperature-EUROPEAN
WT - 2

A brand of Hager Group
A brand of Hager Group