Solid Door: Fiberglass Enclosures

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Discover IBOCO's line of Solid Door Fiberglass Enclosures UL rated.
IBOCO's Solid Door Fiberglass Enclosures come in 7 different sizes.
We offer three opening mechanisms to be placed on the fiberglass enclosure: triangle key lock system, stainless steel screwdriver key slot, or the advanced security key slot.
Together with their modular accessories, our Solid Door Fiberglass Enclosures will save you Labor and time while alleviating budgetary concern. IBOCO Solid door fiberglass enclosures are time saving and cost effective, offering an alternative to more expensive stainless steel enclosures
The modular adjustable frame, allows for a tailored adjustment of the din rail mounting.  Modular and inner doors. Modular and inner doors can be set to desired heights using a quick “quarter turn” lock-in method.
IBOCO VTR range of maintenance free and corrosion resistant fiberglass enclosures have high rating standards including RoHS, UL and NEMA 4X.
Thus, our Fiberglass Enclosures provide optimum protection in the harshest environments such as water treatment facilities, chemical processing and oil refineries...

The gasket is poured polyurethane and provides a watertight, dust-tight seal.

It is designed for installations at -25C up to +60C (-13F up to +140F).

Smaller enclosures are viable option due to the space saving accessories that the VTR series offer. Thus IBOCO VTR accessories come perfectly in completion of our line of Fiberglass Enclosures. 
For more information about IBOCO line of Solid Door Fiberglass Enclosures check our brochure and catalog or feel free to start a new conversation with us through our live chat. Our customer service will be happy to help you and provide a quick response during our opening hours.

You may also contact your representative or the IBOCO sales office in Edison, New Jersey for more info on IBOCO Solid Door Fiberglass Enclosures.

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A brand of Hager Group