Fiberglass Enclosures

Introducing IBOCO’s new line of fiberglass enclosures, specifically designed to provide ease.  Available in fourteen sizes, these fiberglass enclosures are sure to work with your specific project.  The modular adjustable frame allows for the adjustment of din rail mounting components, modular panels, and inner doors for desired heights, essentially by using a quick, quarter turn lock-in method.  IBOCO VTR fiberglass enclosures are RoHS, UL and NEMA 4X.

For more information on Electrical Industry Standards, please go to ABS Enclosures page.
As control panels grow increasingly complex and crowded, schedules become tighter and budgets shrink, more engineers are realizing the advantage of IBOCO’s innovative wire management system. IBOCO has always offered a comprehensive range of products that provide faster, effective, efficient installations. IBOCO has developed a comprehensive wiring duct system that organizes, retains, separates, identifies and handles even the toughest panel wiring challenges.

IBOCO’s reputation for unique, labor saving products has been well documented. Our commitment to value via outside sales support, highly trained customer service representatives, end-user sample support, as well as the largest inventory in North America, and unprecedented service record, has made IBOCO unique in the industry.
IBOCO’s constant development and implementation of new products distinguishes and defines the expectations that our customers have for the company.  We promise to continue to anticipate the evolving market needs of our valued partners and customers, while offering a multitude of marketing and sales strategies.

Product Overview
As with all of our products, the VTR series provides simple resolutions via the quick “quarter turn” modular accessories. Thus IBOCO Fiberglass Enclosures lower your costs and offer superior features and quicker installations, while maintaining high quality standards (RoHS, UL, NEMA 4…).
The VTR fiberglass enclosures are manufactured strictly from our proprietary formulation. Our line of maintenance free, corrosion resistant fiberglass enclosures provide optimum protection in the harshest environments, from water treatment facilities to chemical processing and oil refineries.

All Enclosure’s include removable channel guides for back panel, din rail, and additional accessory mounting. The removable door pin allows for left or right hinging. The gasket is poured polyurethane and provides a watertight, dust-tight seal. It is designed for installations at -25 through +60C (-13 through +140F). 

Check IBOCO VTR enclosure videos to learn more about this product line.
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