Fiberglass Enclosure Accessories

Discover IBOCO Fiberglass Enclosures Accessories.

All the space- and time-saving accessories you need for IBOCO Fiberglass panel management are available for purchase including:
Steel Mounting Plate, Insulated Mounting Plate, Inner Door, Module Frame, Blank Panel, Double Blank Panel, Din Rail Assembly, Vertical Frame, Stainless Steel or Galvanized Wall Bracket, Adjustable Mounting Plate Block, Optional Lock for increased Security. 

Overview of IBOCO Fiberglass Enclosure Accessories
IBOCO VTR series come with a standard triangle key lock or a stainless screwdriver key slot, but optional locks are available for increased security.
IBOCO Steel Mounting Plate for VTR enclosure may be quickly installed onto the channel guides, at desired height, utilizing the adjustable Mounting Plate Blocks, by literally using a quick quarter turn lock-in method.
IBOCO Insulated Mounting Plate is an environmental insulated back panel which allows additional mounting options.
IBOCO Din Rail Assembly. This innovative adjustable height din rail assembly is designed to enable the installer to adjust the rail to any height within the enclosure.For additional mounting options, you may utilize the din rail that has the Din Rail Assembly Blocks, which is included in the optional module frame. IBOCO DIN Rail Assembly Blocks can be adjusted to a depth of 48mm or 75mm.
IBOCO’s wire duct may be fastened directly onto the din rail Rail Assembly Block utilizing the ZP-1 mounting insert, capturing the complete rail, or back panel structure. The entire panel may be quickly unlocked and entirely removed from the enclosure in order to provide maintenance “outside of the box”.
IBOCO Module Frame (includes DIN Rail Assembly Blocks for Optional Mounting) with breakout shields for device spacing may be installed on either the channel guides, or the din Rail Assembly Blocks, by securing push-in tabs with a screwdriver.
IBOCO Blank panel and Double Blank panel are adjustable for customized installations and modifications.
IBOCO Inner Door is a swing out inner door for enclosure security and device protection. It allows for right or left hinging and may be installed once placement of inner door pin is set. Inner door tab is fixed with a simple push in on the 4 tabs that are molded in the door.
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