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IBOCO delivers an integrated system of specific solutions for panel builder's needs.

As control panels grow increasingly complex and crowded, schedules get tighter and budgets shrink, more and more system integrators and engineers are realizing the advantages of IBOCO's innovative wire management system. IBOCO offers you a comprehensive range of products that provide faster, effective, efficient installations.

Using a broad range of materials and products designed for durability and ease of installation and maintenance, IBOCO has developed a wiring duct system that organizes, retains, separates, identifies, and handles even the toughest panel wiring challenges.


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Wiring Duct and Components
Duct System
Iboco Duct System simplifies and decreases the time required for the planning and construction of control panels by offering the ability to:
duct system bullet point
contain the wires
duct system bullet point
identify the switchgear
duct system bullet point
mount the wiring duct directly onto mounting rail or internal mounting plate
duct system bullet point
build the frame of the panel board
retain the wires
duct system bullet point achieve extremely compact wiring configurations
duct system bullet point separate circuits with different voltages and/or functions
duct system bullet point form wire bundles



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